Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some of my Favorite Organic snacks!

So to follow up with my last post, I decided I am going to share some of my favorite organic snacks!  Stuff that Ethan, the kids and I love!  I haven't been too adventurist about my snacks though. I buy things I know I am going to like, or that my kids are going to like.  I know I am super boring!  I am that kind of person who goes to the same restaurant and gets the same food every time!  Good thing Ethan will try new things though.  So it balances out a bit.  I just want to show you guys what we love so far.  So when you go shopping at least you know some things that are for sure good and kid friendly! So here is my list of likes!  And on a side note, this isn't everything I like, just some.  

This is applesauce that the kids devour!  I can't believe how much I go through this stuff.  Plus it's awesome because it has a straw type thing at the top, so they drink right from it.  So no mess!  Awesome for me!
You can buy this at Target or Costco.

This yogurt for kids is amazing.  The kids love it and it's a healthy for them compared to Trix yogurt or something.  You might have to stir it a little bit before they eat it though.  You can find this pretty much anywhere, Walmart,Target, Cub, Coborns.

 Pirate's Booty,  It's white cheddar puff corn.  I don't know about your kids, but oh man my kids devour anytime I get puff corn!  I feel so much better when I buy this stuff for my kids, instead of the other brand puff corn.  This is Organic and so much healthier for them!
You can buy this at Cub or Target.

I am a big sucker for some chips and cheese!  These chips are great for that very reason!  They are also great just for munching on as well.  
I bought this at Cub.  I think the "Wild Harvest" brand is only at Cub Foods.

Garden Veggie Straws!  I have to admit that the first time we bought these the kids were not about to even try them.  Austin was like "why are they green"?  Which is a good point because he is used to yellow chips and such.  But once they tried them they just loved them!  They taste kind of like Pringles, except in a straw form!  Very tasty!
I bought this big bag at Costco!

Annie's Organic Fruit Snacks!  Amazing!  Let me tell you, my kids love any kind of fruit snacks pretty much!  So I was super excited when I found these the other day!  They have been loving them!  I also tried and thought they were full of flavor and nice and chewy!  A must try for your kids!
Found these at Target!

Ok, My one and upmost FAVORITE foods out of this whole blog, is this Granola!!  Words can not express how much I frickin love this stuff!  I eat it every single day with my yogurt!  It's the best granola I have ever tasted!  It's amazing by it's self, but oh so tasty on my yogurt in the mornings!  I always look forward to  eating it!
I have found this at Wal-Mart, Target, and Cub.

Well, that is my glimpse of some of my favorite Organic snacks!  I hope you guys enjoyed!   

P.S.  Please leave a comment with some of your favorite Organic snacks!  I would love to know and try them out!!  Thanks!


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  1. we like the organic potato chips from whole foods, their sparkling water and their fresh chicken breast.
    I used to do all organic, but our budget hasn't allowed that recently :(
    I did learn, however, to do research on the item before you buy it... a number of things from stores aren't always organic. Produce mainly. And, Trader Joes sells yummy food but a number of items there aren't organic either- you have to watch the signs!