Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kansas City, Outfit, Kids...

Well, Thankfully we all made it safe and sound in KC.  We decided on leaving earlier than 3am.  So we left at midnight!  We thought it would be a good idea, but little miss Nevaeh didn't fall asleep till 5am!  I kept turning around going "Close your eyes".  Then she would peek at me and then pretend to sleep.  But other than that we made it here at 8:30am.

On another note, a lot of people ask me where I get my clothes from.  So I decided today to show you guys my outfit, and where it's from! Let me know if you think this is a lame idea or not! 
I got this shirt from Pacsun.  It was a super good deal, buy on get one free.  They are cute baggy type shirts (which I'm super into right now).  My jeans are Big Stars.  My favy!  Also my favorite tanks are from Aeropostale,  They are cheap and comfy! 

Now onto some pictures from our trip so far!

Me and my Nephew
Target trip!

Love them!
Reading time with Nana!

So that is my update!  I know this blog is super random!  But if you know me you know I am one random girl!  Have a great week!!


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