Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Day In My Life! ~Apple Orchard~

Thursday, September 20, 2012

HAUL! ~Tobi, Hautelook, Drugstore & Coupons~

Hey guys! So I have aquired some goodies this past month that I have bought! I finally got my final order in today so I thought it was time to show you what I all got! I hope you guys enjoy!!

TOBI- https://www.tobi.com/i/NDAwNzQ4%0A

HAUTELOOK- http://www.hautelook.com/short/3GtPK

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Maid Of Honor/Bridesmaid Smokey Eye Tutorial!

Hey guys! So when I posted these pictures to Insatgram

I got so many questions on how I did this look! So I decided that I was finally going to do a tutorial on it! So I hope you guys enjoy!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day In My Life! ~Gymnastics,Preschool & New Car?!~

Hey guys! So I know two posts in two days?! I'm on a roll!! Lol! But we had so many exciting things happen yesterday and I got to vlog it all!! 
 First Austin had his first real day of Preschool! He had so much fun and loved every minute of it!
Second we got a new car! We have been talking for awhile about buying a car for me instead of the Acadia! To save money in pretty much every aspect! So Ethan yesterday spent the day working and finding us the perfect car! We decided on the Toyota Camry! It's a black '09 and I am in love! 
Third Nevaeh started gymnastics! She got a new leotard this weekend and would NOT let us take it off of her! She had SO much fun! I can't wait for her to do more! 
I hope you guys enjoy!!

This face right here is why I love being a mom!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Panic Attack?!

I am not much for being a deep thinker. I am pretty much a you get what you get kind of girl. Everyone knows what I'm thinking I wear my emotions on my sleeves for the most part...  

Saturday I got to hangout with my parents and go car shopping with them! They were able to negotiate a good deal. Well my Dad did anyways. My mom and I get really uncomfortable once they start talking hard numbers. My Dad is a natural born salesman. He can talk anyone into getting what he wants for the deal. My mom and I on the other hand don't even like to watch. So while we sat in the waiting room my Dad got a new car. They ended up getting the new Camry Hybrid. 41 miles to the gallon!  What?!

Anyways, after we got done we all decided to go out for dinner. My mom and I weren't hungry so we went to The Buckle while my Dad and Ethan went to a Burger place. (We of course got a babysitter for the night, we are very lucky we have a babysitter that we trust very much!) Well we all decided after we ate and shopped that we should go to the new Batman movie! I am all for Christian Bale! I am a huge fan of his! (Newsies=Love) Anyways so we went to Batman! There wasn't very many people in the theatre that night cause it has been out for awhile and I feel like a lot of people have seen it by now! 

I was sitting there enjoying the movie, it was so great and I was so into it! Well all of a sudden fear completely came over me.. I don't know what triggered it, but I thought of all those people in Colorado on the premiere night of this EXACT same movie. They were all sitting there watching the movie suspecting nothing was going to happen. Just enjoying a movie that everyone was so pumped up and excited about. I completely had a mini panic attack. My heart was racing, I could barley breathe, I just had to get up and make my way to the restroom so I could think and pray for peace. I finally made my way back to the movie and sat on the end of the isle for a bit so I could scope out the crowd. (I'm a creep like that). I finally got up and sat back down in my seat. For awhile it took me awhile to finally focus back on the movie but once I did I finally calmed down. 

I wanted to share that just because I just want everyone to think and be thankful that they are alive and well. Be thankful that you get to breathe and have life. Focus on things that matter. Be happy and make the best out of your life! 

Have a great week everyone!!


All these people make my life Oh SO happy and full of love!!  :)


Friday, September 7, 2012

Most Worn Things Tag! ~Summer Edition~

Hey guys! So I was tagged to do this video! It's basically the most worn things for this summer! I had so many to choose from! So I had to cut it down a bit! But I had so much fun doing this! I hope you guys enjoy!!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adventures Of Cort & Rach!~State Fair Edition~

Hey guys! So Rach and I went to the State Fair! We had a blast just having a best friend weekend! Some of you might know but Ethan was gone all week in Florida! So he was very happy to let me get out of the house for the whole day!  We love to go to the State Fair and get all the Fair food! Our favorite as you guys will see is cheese curds! But we had a great time as always hanging out together! I hope you guys enjoy!!