Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How I do my Winged eyeliner!!

One thing I get asked about frequently is, "How do you do your eyeliner?"  It's hard to explain, so I will do my best today!  When starting out with eyeliner my best advice to you is to start out with gel eyeliner.  It's easier to control than a liquid.  Make sure when you buy your gel liner that you buy a small eyeliner brush as well.  The next best advice I can give is practice practice practice!  Trust me, when I started using eyeliner I was far from perfect!  I made plenty of mistakes and had to take all my makeup off and try again!  I know it's super annoying to make mistakes but once you get the hang of it you will never go back.  As far as what kind of eyeliner I use,  I love liquid liner.  I have always used it and loved it.  It's hard to control at first because it's so runny.  
Why do I do a winged eyeliner?  I personally like it because my eyes angle down.  So I wing my eyeliner so that they look more open and awake.  Now winged liner is not for everyone, but it's fun to try!  

The brand I use everyday is:
Maybelline Master Precise
I LOVE this stuff!  Not too runny, just the perfect consistency.

When I start my eyeliner I have all my eye makeup on and I start right where my eyelashes begin.  Not right into the corner of my eye, just a little after my tear duct.

I continue with a steady hand along my lash line. 

Once I get to the end of my eye I flick out my eyeliner upwards towards my eyebrow.

I then draw above my winged part and make it a little thicker on the end.

I Fill in the line.

I do the same to the other side.  It's easier for me to draw an outline of the wing first, then to fill it in.

               I know it looks dramatic in this photo, but once you put your mascara on it's not as dramatic as below pictures show.

Side view all finished!

The Front view

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog today!!



  1. Thanks for this information, lady! :) Really helpful - I don't often wear eye makeup, but when I do I like to wear eyeliner, but have a hard time with application of my pencil liner. I love the color but it never goes on as smoothly as I'd like. Perhaps it's time to try a gel! :)

  2. Yeah I know what you mean about the pencil, it's never as dark as you want it to be! Gel is the perfect place to start! :) Glad it was helpful!