Monday, March 19, 2012

Kansas City!

As I write this, I am currently doing loads and loads of laundry, dishes, packing and cleaning.  Our house is full of excitement today!  We are leaving for Kansas City tomorrow morning at 3 am!  Why so early you ask?  Well it takes 8 hours to get to Kansas City!  Eeek!  Well it wouldn't be that bad if it was just adults going! But we have two kids going as well!  So we try to leave either as late as possible, like right around their bedtime, or as early as possible!  We should get there right around noonish!  
Why are we going to Kansas City?  Some of you know and some of you don't.  My sister lives there!  She and  her family moved there last fall for schooling.  She has three kids.  My kids and her kids (cousins) are very close!  So it was hard at first for all of us when they left!  But we always have so much fun when we do get to see them!  Austin and Nevaeh are non stop talking about playing with Sarea, Brielle and Baby Shane (even though he isn't a baby anymore and he is walking).  Baby Shane is the closest thing we have to a baby in our family at the moment!  And when I say moment I'm not hinting that I or Danielle will be having anymore soon.  
I am so lucky that my mom is coming along with us tomorrow!  It will be a fun ride, but I know how antsy the kids get when they are in a car for 8 hours!   I am hoping they will sleep for the first 5 hours!   I am very happy to have a DVD player in my car!  Lifesaver!  I am also planning on bringing some things to color and some little games to play.  We will see how it goes!  I will keep you guys updated on our trip and all the fun things we do!  As we go to Kansas City Ethan will be in Texas for work.  So pray for safe travels for both of us!!  


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