Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What I eat on a normal day!

Hey guys! So to follow up with my last blog about working out I am going to do my nutrition on a normal day. I found out that when your looking to lose weight, 20% is working out (not a lot at all), 20% is sleep and 60% (what!!) is what you eat. So eating is the most important step in trying to lose weight!  I know, even I think "Oh I worked out today I can eat whatever I want"!  Well not totally true. I believe you can eat what you want in moderation. I am not totally strict on my diet either. I don't want people to think I am perfect and that I eat all healthy foods! Completely not true. I love to have pizza and buffalo wings and such. But that happens probably once a month for me. I try to eat 80% healthy and 20% not as healthy. So here is what I eat on a "normal" day!  
*Warning I am a total snacker. I don't eat a lot of big meals during the day. I just munch*

I always start my morning off with a coffee.

I used to ALWAYS use a creamer in my coffee.  But the day that I looked at how many calories and fat is in creamer I quit.  I started just doing Half & Half and Truvia sugar.  I also added a little bit of caramel in my coffee too.

After I have my coffee I eat my yogurt and granola.  Which you have all heard me talk about a million times.

For lunch I normally have some toast and jelly or string cheese and a English Muffin or a sandwich.  I am a total girl of habit.  I don't like to change what I eat if I know that it's working.  So I do have a lot of the same things everyday.  A lot of people don't like to have the same things day in and day out.  So this might not work for you.  

This is something that I actually change everyday.  Sometimes we will go out, but most times we eat dinner at home.  I like to have a protein and a veggie.  I eat a lot of salads.  I am IN love with them.  I eat one a day at least!  Last night this is what we had.

When we eat out I really only like to go to two places. Either Panera or Chipotle. I know a lot of you are thinking WHAT Chipotle? But if you ever look at their menu they have all grass fed meats and locally grown veggies, and the best cheeses! Panera is also one of my favorites because of all the fresh food!

I do also have a dessert most nights.  Such as Organic ice cream or some brownies.  

I hope you guys enjoyed this!!



  1. Thanks for posting this! Looks like you are a person of Habit for sure:). Although I'm curious, what do you Net for calories in a day? Per exercise gurus you shouldn't go below 1200 MIN with a work out, So are you snacking a ton and meeting those calories with that? I know how amazing you look, especially for having two kids, but most people would be in starvation mode with only eating what you have listed. I'm just curious is all! :) (Please don't take this in any way as criticizment, I am honestly curious)

  2. I don't count any of my calories. It takes a lot of time and I don't feel that it's nessasary for me. I know a lot of people do it though and it helps them. But I feel like I know my body enough and I workout enough that I don't need to count them. I snack all day long and didn't list everything I eat. It depends on the day and some are more than others. Also depends on what I have in my house at the time. And most of the time for dinner I don't just have chicken and a salad. But I do have dessert which I should probably put in here.

  3. Thanks Cort! Great post as always :) I totally agree & for myself? I have learned throughout the years that everyone needs to find what works for their body, I have looked at so many different combinations, diets, count calories vs. don't, workout vs food intake recommendations that it use to make my head spin LOL.... there is almost TOO much information out there!!

    So, Personally? I agree with the bottom line factor! Keep it simple!!! Eat in Moderation and eat a lot of smaller meals, eat tons of veggies, some protein, healthy carbs like brown rice, quinoa & some fruit.

    I don't get hung up anymore on I should or shouldn't eat this or that, especially if I am working out to burn off some of those girl scout cookies I eat :) in moderation of course bahahahaha.....

    Nice Job ~ xoxo

  4. Wow! 60% is what you eat? Great to keep in mind as I am really working hard on this right now. I've lost 15 lbs. so far :). Got a long way to go, but lots of friends supporting my journey. Thanks for this post!!

    1. Way to go Tracy! I actually think for me, eating is 80% for weight loss. I try to deny it, but no matter how much I work out, it doesn't seem to help the weightloss speed. But it I stick to an eating plan, the weight loss goes much faster.

  5. I know 60%!! Isn't that crazy! I think the hardest part of losing weight is the food part for most people. Oh my gosh you lost 15lbs! Thats SO great! Good for you!!