Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eyebrow Threading!

Hey guys!  So my mom and I had our adventure out to the mall today to get our eyebrows threaded!  I was very excited/nervous about it! I was telling people on facebook about it and not a lot of people knew what it was.  So I decided we were gonna film it!  So if you were wondering what it is here you go!  We also did some shopping too  :)

Hope you guys enjoyed!  If anyone is wondering my mom and I would highly recommend to anyone to get their eyebrows threaded.  It takes longer than waxing but they did amazing and they were so precise!  

P.S. My secret writer is doing a blog for me on monday!  So look out for that



  1. I want to go have it done!!! Was it expensive???

    So sorry about Austin at swim lesson's! How scary! And very good point to keep the kids in lessons! :)

  2. No it was only $12.00!! SO cheap! The only thing was that it's in Southdale.