Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Great Cheap Nail Polish Find!!

So as of late I have been into nail polishes. I like to have one of every color or at least that is my goal. Which I know is insane. But since I have a girl I feel like it's ok because she will want to have her nails painted as well! BUT holy cow have you seen how expensive some nail polishes are?! Really? $8.50 for ONE nail polish! It's crazy insane.  So when I find something that is cheap and works really good I have to let you guys know! I have been hearing really great things about the Wet-N-Wild new nail polishes. So the other day I decided I was going to try them out! I was super surprised when I saw that they were only $1.99!  I was like "Ummm Ok I'm going to buy 5 then"!  They had quite a few to choose from. These are the ones I got.

Great Pigment! 

I was super excited to try these suckers out! I was VERY impressed that I only had to do two coats and I was done! It dried fairly quickly and the color was amazing! So basically I think everyone should try these new nail polishes out!  They are cheap and they are beautiful!  
Thanks for reading guys!


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