Friday, April 6, 2012


Hey everyone! So I am not gonna lie but I am so excited for Easter weekend! My awesome weekend started out with me and my friends Danae and Casey going out for dinner, drinks and the Hunger Games.  I will admit I LOVED the book. The movie was not as good as the book though. But I feel like that is the case for most movies that are based off a book. That is all I am going to say because some people haven't seen it yet.  
I am very excited because tomorrow (sometime considering it's 1am right now) we are going to my parents to clean out the chicken coop. I know cool right? The chickens are coming in about a week and a half!  EEK!  I will be videoing our journey with the chickens. If you guys have tips or any questions about it let me know. 
Sunday is Easter. I love Easter. I love the tradition of Easter egg hunts, dying eggs, going to church, celebrating Jesus rising from the dead.  It's all fun to me. We are planning on doing an Easter egg hunt at the Hubs family on Sunday. My family will be joining as well.  I can't wait for the kids to open their baskets and find all the eggs we will be hiding!  I hope everyone has a fun and safe Easter!!
Also I will be having a "surprise" guest write one post a month on my blog.  They will be writing about cooking healthy food. So I am very excited about this! You guys will enjoy it.  Let me know if you guys like the videos as well.  

Have a great Easter Weekend!!  

Here is some pictures of us dying eggs! 
Crazy kids


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