Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hair Dyed and The Avengers!

So we had a very exciting day today! My best friend Rachel and I got a much needed hair dye! Rachel is getting married in about 3 months or so! (WHAT). So we decided that we were gonna get her hair all dyed and then dye it one more time before her wedding! Our wonderful hairstylist is Casey! http://www.facebook.com/CaseyAtArtisticSalon  Seriously guys check her out and like her Facebook Page! She is amazing! 

This is our finished product! I know it isn't the best picture but it's cute! :)  I did the Ombre hair again but this time I asked for lighter ends! I LOVE it!

After we got our hair done we were super excited cause Austin took us to The Avengers! And yes he said he was taking us. He even asked to pay but I figured I would. Austin has seen it already with Ethan but he LOVED it so much he wanted me to see it as well! 

On our way!


Date with the girls!

SO excited to see The Avengers!

We pointed to our favorite Avenger! Mine of course was Thor! Austin's was Hulk!


Bestie Ever!

His Spider Man Cup!

We all had such a great time! If you haven't seen The Avengers I highly recommend it! It was funny and didn't have much swearing. It was great! We all had a wonderful Tuesday! While Austin, Rachel and I were at the movie Ethan and Nevaeh got to go shopping for new earrings and get ice cream! Her new thing is to pull her earrings out! I don't know why! But we had to find new ones that clasp better!  But I hope you all had a great Tuesday I know we did!!  


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