Wednesday, May 9, 2012

~Family Update~

Hey guys! So today I decided I was going to write a blog about what is going on in our lives at the moment! I haven't written a blog in awhile so I might be a little rusty at this! Forgive me.  :)

Ethan- Well since getting his new job in October he has been busy busy busy. He has traveled out of state 5-6 times since getting his new job. He has been trying to get into the groove of everything. He works as a surgical sales rep. So far he is liking it though which is great. Now that the weather is nicer he has been grilling and having more bon fires. 

Cort- I have been very blessed to be hanging out with my kids everyday. Don't get me wrong some days I would love to be working though. I am busy with my blog and videos that I have been putting up on YouTube. I am researching schools to be going to in the fall for dental hygiene school. It's something that I have always wanted to do and now that the kids are older I am excited to start. I will have to do some prerequisite classes first. Which is good for me to start and go to night school and such. I am VERY excited about this new season in my life. Also Ethan and I will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary on the 26th of this month! We can't believe we have been married for that long already! 

Austin- This little guy has been such a busy bee lately. He goes to school Tue/Thurs and LOVES going. He loves his friends he has made at school. His very best friend is Cole, he is such a great kid and I'm so glad Austin chose such a great friend! He also already has some girlfriends! (what!) He is a little ladies man. He also is in swimming lessons every Saturday. He is getting better and better at it. Soon he starts T-ball! He can't wait! He is getting good with practice from dad.

Neveah- Holy moly I just can't believe I am saying this but she is completely potty trained during the day! I could not believe how fast she was at learning it. One day she decided Yup I'm gonna be potty trained today"! I was amazed how easy it was for her! I'm so glad to be out of diapers! (even though we just got a full pack from Costco!) She is always a busy kid and very funny! We are currently redoing her room. (which I will be blogging about) We are excited to soon have her in a big girl bed! 

I am so very thankful for how healthy and happy my kids are. We thank God everyday for them and what a blessing they are to us! 
Thank you guys SO much for reading!

Austin and his best buddy Cole!


Austin and Cole on the way to MOA!

Bay Bay watching Austin at his School Program!



  1. Your little girl is too dang cute & looks like you. Your son is handsome little devil. That's great you're going to school soon.

    1. Thank you! Yeah we call her my little midget cause she is my little twin! Thanks yeah I am super excited to start into school again! :)

  2. Good for you going back to school !! That's awesome!! Your kids are so darn cute! :)

    1. Oh thank you! Yeah I am super excited and nervous about it!

  3. Such a beautiful family!! So happy for you on your new chapter in life! Wishing you all continued health & happiness!! :)