Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nevaeh's New Room! Redecorated!

So about a month ago I got the itch to redecorate Nevaeh's room! I was looking for ideas on Pinterest like a CRAZY woman. I knew I wanted her room to be a dark purple with white accents. I have also seen a lot of those wall stickers that I really liked! I loved the branch ones that were white! So I googled my little heart out and finally found a website  that wasn't too expensive. I could not believe some of the prices! Like $100+ for a wall decal! What?! But I bought the tree for about 40 some dollars. I also got to choose the color I wanted and what side of the wall I wanted the branch coming from!  But first we had to find the right paint color! Purple!

Considering the colors that her room was before, we had to do like three coats of paint. Ethan did one whole coat, then just half a coat on the top part, then one whole coat again. It was a little work but we did it! I also told Eth that I wanted all her trim to be white! Which let me tell you was a pain in the butt! But he took all the trim off the walls and then we painted it down stairs with a little brush! But it took probably about 3 coats! grr. But it was worth it! 

Next was the sticker application! Ufta that was hard and scary! I am always nervous when doing those that it's gonna bubble up or not stick well. But the sticker we got did amazing! 

Peeling it off! 

The sticker ALL finished!

This was so time consuming! I'm glad Rachel was over to help because we had to do all those little green hearts separately! So it took a long time! But it turned out so perfectly! I couldn't be more happy!

After we got all the trim done we needed to finish the rest. I knew I didn't want her to be in her crib anymore. So Ethan sprayed painted the toddler bed white so it could match her room! Also Rachel suggested that we paint Nevaeh's letters on her wall green to match the birds & hearts! We did and it was so perfect! So her room is all purple with white & green accents! We also sold her dresser and bought a new white one! I'm so proud of how beautiful her room came out! 

So my next decorating job will be Austin's room! Stayed tuned!!

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  1. Let me know if you remember the name of the place you got the sticker. I can't find any that I like that are under like 120 dollars!! It is CRAZY!

  2. This turned out soooo stinkin cute! I love the colors. Where did you get the white dresser? What does Nevaeh think of it?

    1. Thank you! We actually found the white dresser from Craigslist and we just put on new knobs! It's turned out perfectly!! Nevaeh loves her room and always wants to pet the birds on the wall! haha

  3. Wow!! I love it.. turned out so cute!!! :]